Being Blogging Back


It been a while that I have been away from doing anything related to my blog. Honestly speaking, I did post a status in my blog’s Facebook page that I will away from doing blog because I had an issue with my previous blog site as it was literally messed up in general. Therefore, the main purpose of this article is to explain the whole situation that I was going through and to tell the expectation that you guys may need to know about my blog from now on since that I took some time out to think over about my new site. In this article, I would say that there will be a lot of words throughout this article as I will be doing explanation as I stated just now but I hope that you guys can understand it as I doing it for the benefits of all of us. Even before you guys begin with this blog, I would like to thanked every one of you to for being patient with the time that I was away and also showing your support by reading up articles from either my old or new blog site as I’m really appreciate it.

To begin with this article, I would like to summaries the whole situation that I gone through as I was away. Actually, it all starting like a couple of weeks ago, that I realized that I stressed myself a lot on coming out new ideas for my article and I wasn’t even being specific about the type of blog article that I wanted to do as the topic that I had on my previous blog site are relatively too broad. Since that I realized with the mistake that I previously made, I decided took the time off to defined that focused on the topic that I wanted to talk about and also re-design my whole blog by categories the topic that I will be talking about into topics. On top of that, I also took the time off to come out with the topic that I believe that it’s important to talk about in the course of the next two or three weeks since that I busy with life.

With the whole situation been explained, I would continue to talk about the expectation that you guys may need to know for my new blog site. For my new blog site, I had come out with a schedule that I think while I was away as it stated below:

Tuesday – Monday Night Raw Review

Wednesday – Tuesday Night SmackDown Review

Sunday – Personal Opinion on WWE

From the schedule that I listed above, this are the topics that I have confirmed I will be posting every week since I felt more comfortable on posting it because I felt that there are a lot of things that I may be posting over the weeks. Some topic such as WWE’s pay-per-view prediction and review, you guys will be expecting that I will be posting it once or twice a month depending on the event that WWE will make while for football’s season prediction and preview I will be posting it once in a football season (average about 8 months) since that there are nothing much to say. As for the others, I would say that I will try my best to post an article whenever I have since that I’m currently being a bit busy with my semester currently. Even though I had confirmed with three topics as stated above but I felt that I’m still willing to take some time to do it since that everyone does it. Last but not least, as for General Update section, it’s more toward like if there is any update about my blog and so on. Hopefully that you guys may understand my situation and the explanation that I stated and hope in the future I will add some more topic in the near future so that people may enjoy reading more article from my blog.

So, I believe that is just that I wanted to talked about in this article as I felt that I already explained all the detailed about my problem that I faced recently. Hopefully you guys may understand my situation that I faced as I was away. Since that I’m back already, I hope my new tactic will work according to plan and hopefully it may attract more people to visit my blog. Well that’s all I can say except as usual, please do subscribe, comment and share my blog so that people may enjoy reading it.

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