Reason Why I Likes Wrestling

Hulk Hogan.jpg

To begin off with this article, this article is inspired from some of my friends that asked me the reason that I’m still watching wrestling. As many of you guys may know that when a person talks about wrestling, there are few wrestlers that have come across our mind like Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and many more wrestler that came across their mind. Many of my friends would say that wrestling is fake, boring and any other word to describe it but yet I’m not the only one that watch wrestling since that there are millions of people around the world like me still loving and even have time to watch it even if they are going through hard time. In this article, I would be focusing the reason that I’m currently still watching wrestling.

Story Line

Actually, there are many reasons that I love wrestling and one of it is because of the story line. Well to briefly define of the term story line it’s something like a movie where there a particular reason that become the spark behind the feud between two wrestlers. Well, in wrestling, it’s quite normal to see a new feud between different wrestlers in every few months. Even though, some of the most recent story line in WWE is relatively sucks and boring but yet there are still some story line that are quite entertaining that causes people like me who love wrestling to continue watching it even if I’m busy with other things.

Wrestler’s Shocking Return

In the wrestling industry, it common to see wrestlers to be injured or even move on with their career decided to leave a company and there are some mix feeling within the wrestling fans as their favorite wrestler got injured or even leaving the company. Well every now and then, wrestlers make a shocking return without making any announcement and it could because that the management of WWE decided to bring them back or the wrestlers recovered sooner than we all expected. With the shocking return of wrestler, it is another reason that I’m still watching wrestling.

 Talented Wrestlers

The third reason is because of the number of talented wrestlers who are in WWE. Honestly speaking, there are a lot of wrestlers in WWE but they also have some of the most talented wrestler in this industry that can offer but unfortunately some of talented wrestler are not properly pushed as the top-level wrestler as they should be and I can’t blame them overall since that they have no power with the top level management in the company as they are doing their job.

Crowd Reaction & Chant

Well as we all know that every sport wouldn’t be successful or popular because of the fans that are willing to watch any game no matter how busy is their schedule and wrestling isn’t an exception. The final reason is because of the fan that are able to come out with a creative chant whenever they have the chance. With the chant that the fan has created, it helps to improve the atmosphere of a match as it can help to make any match or wrestler to be more memorable to watch as many people may remember it for many years.


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