WWE Raw 27 March 2017 Review

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It would be my first blog article about review for both Raw & SmackDown for my new blog site. As I’m writing up this review for Monday Night Raw, I had mixed feeling about this article as I felt both excited and worried about this article. Anyway, I kept my promise as I stated in my first article in this blog. Since that I’m writing up this review, there are no particular order and also for every article, I will try my best to keep my honest opinion about the matches and promos that WWE have offer during both shows. Hope you guys may enjoy reading up any articles that are regarding to this topic.

Segment Between Roman Reign & The Undertaker

To start the review, I will be starting with this segment as both wrestler will be competing with each other in WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida. In this segment, I would say that I don’t felt the excitement about the match between The Undertaker & Roman Reign and it could be either because of The Undertaker’s streak has already broken or the fact that The Undertaker will be facing with Roman Reign this Sunday. Even though I don’t get the excitement that everyone has I would say that it’s quite a decent segment as WWE push this feud for the last time.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens


From the match above, it’s quite obvious that fans are not interested with this match. It’s understandable from a point of view that both wrestler have been constantly booking to wrestler each other especially even after their feud are over. I would have to say that luckily that Chris Jericho saved this match to be more boring as Kevin Owens make into ‘The List of Jericho’.

Segment & Match Between Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax & Bayley


I would summarize both of it since these four women have two separate videos. Well honestly speaking, I don’t personally invest my time with this feud because I find that it is one of most boring feud I watch in television as these wrestlers had feud with one and another. Therefore, I wouldn’t want to say much about this segment and also the match.

Big Show vs Jinder Mahal


Based on the type of match that WWE booked for this match, I believe that it could be a match that helps the wrestler to get some momentum for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy. Well from my opinion, I don’t really understand that the story behind this match to be booked because it’s looks like Big Show is competing with a couple of wrestlers instead the match between him and Jinder Mahal. With the statement made by Strowman, it’s make feel more awkward about his match.

The New Day segment


For this segment, I not really sure whether it’s segment or promo to be honest as WWE posted it at their official YouTube channel. Well if it isn’t a segment, it would be an extra for this review. From this segment, I believe that WWE has no plan for The New Day in this year’s Wrestlemania.

Noam Dar vs Austin Aries


One of the two cruiserweight matches in this show. My first though with this match is going to be boring because of the way that WWE book the cruiserweight match since the brand debuted but fortunately I find that this match a bit interesting I would say and I believe it’s because of Austin Aries.

Neville vs ‘Gentleman’ Jack Callagher

As for this match, I have nothing much that I would say as the reason it obvious that the crowd doesn’t really care much about the cruiserweight even though I praised the match between Noam Dar and Austin Aries.

Segment Between Cesaro & Sheamus, Gallows & Anderson, and Enzo & Cass

The whole situation started that Gallows & Anderson attacked Cesaro & Sheamus back stages and because of that both Cesaro & Sheamus revenged Gallows & Anderson when they have a match with Enzo & Cass. Well I find that it’s a bit boring to be honest even though it’s quite entertaining to be honest.

Triple H & Seth Rollins Segment

This match for Wrestlemania have been schedule for quite a long time but if they have started it earlier, I won’t be surprised that this segment would be better. On top of that I wouldn’t be surprised that this is just the beginning of this feud since that the feud just start during the NXT Takeover and this feud is going to be more interesting after WrestleMania.

Brock Lesnar & Goldberg’s Segment

Well it would be the last one for me to review for this show, well I do get hyped up when Brock Lesnar & Goldberg on Raw but I’m not the only person that would say that it would be a success since that their match at WrestleMania 20. Hopefully that the feud will over this Sunday at Orlando, Florida.

Well that is all for today’s review. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and I will try my best to improve this topic to be a better article to read. Before leaving make sure to subscribe, like and share my blog.

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