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The Reason I hate Watching Wrestling Currently

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In my previous article, I did post an article on good things about wrestling that I still watch wrestling. As we’ll know that everything has the good and bad things, for this article I would like to share my opinion on the reason that I hate about wrestling especially lately. In this article, I would like to tell off thing that I may be bias toward one brand or another instead toward both Raw or SmackDown in general and the reasons are based on recent memory about the wrestling. In addition, there are many reasons that I can list out but in this article, I listed some of the things that I really hate about the current product. Hope you guys may understand with it as I’m still trying my best to improve my blog’s article even if I re-design my blog.

Under-Utilized Wrestler

As I stated in my previous article for this topic, WWE have some of the most talented wrestler such as Cesaro, Sheamus, Gallows and Anderson, and many more but unfortunately some of these wrestlers are not properly push as Vince McMahon has a specific type of wrestler that are being pushed in WWE. Honestly speaking, sometime even though I as a wrestling fan, I felt bad for some of this wrestler that they didn’t get pushed that they deserve needed even if they have been in the company for quite years and I felt that it’s waste money for Vince McMahon to keep some of the wrestler especially those didn’t been on television for months.

Vince McMahon Has No Longer Understand His Audience

Since I started back watching WWE about two years ago, I realized a huge difference with the atmosphere especially with the crowd during shows. It took me some time to figured out the change with the atmosphere and quite recently I realised that the audience isn’t engaging with Vince McMahon’s decision making. After realizing this situation, it’s quite obvious that Vince McMahon doesn’t want to hear the audience opinion and because of it the rating for WWE’s shows have declining over the years. Honestly, my point of view, with the technology that we all have currently, to ensure that WWE can be successful it’s important for them to do some research on people’s opinion on social media such as Facebook, blogs, YouTube and so on since that technology is currently is the best way to know about information and stuff.

 Some Wrestler Doesn’t Seem to Understand Their Role

Another point that I realized over the years, as some wrestlers doesn’t seem that they understand properly with their character. Even if they do understand their role, I find that they didn’t fulfil the role that the company wants to because that they needed to followed the script given by them. I don’t blame the wrestlers at all because they’re doing their part to earn their money to support them and their family. I find that they needed to have the power over some creative to ensure that they can fulfil the role that were given by WWE creative team.


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