My Struggle On Concentrate Studying

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To begin with this article, it would be the first article that will be posted for this category. In summary, to explain about this category, the articles that will be post in this category are based on my personal story that I feel comfortable telling off through articles so that people get to know me better and every month, there would be an article that I will be posting related to this category from preventing myself running out of ideas. Without wasting any time, I would like to begin with sharing one of my many personal stories that I felt comfortable sharing in this article.

To head start with this article, the reason of choosing this topic is because that I feel really comfortable on expressing with this issue that I have as I believe that many people also struggle with this situation. Honestly I believe a saying that different people has their way on overcome the issues that they have especially when comes to study but over the years, I have to say I struggle to find a proper way for me to stay focus on studying in any subject I took whether it’s in high school, college and even university. I tend to loss focus quickly in almost every subject and subsequently I didn’t perform well.

Even though I struggle to focus on my studies, I find myself in odd way because as I grow up, I realized that I learn sports quicker than my studying. My rate of understanding the rules and regulation on sport whether it’s in football, basketball, or even rugby is so much quicker than understand the important theories in physics, business theory or some other things. I find that it’s quite weird and annoying because I can’t used the technique that I have in sports cannot be applied with my studies.

One of the possible reasons is because that the style of teaching in especially in university doesn’t suit my style of studying. Even though I find myself annoying, I realized that my style of studying is more toward constant working and even keep doing the same thing over and over again so that I know how to do it. On top of that, I’m not doing things that I’m really interested could be another reason that I could loss focus easily.

Well I believe that is just that I wanted to say, hopefully you guys may enjoy reading it this article up. After expressing about myself, I feel more comfortable and more relaxing as I have shared something that is really important about myself. Before ending with this article, make sure to keep yourself update with my blog as I will try to constant posting up articles everyday. Do make sure you guys read, like, share and also subscribe to my blog so keep yourself with more article.

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