4th April 2017 SmackDown Review

Randy Orton.jpg

For the first time that I’m doing a review on SmackDown result & review, I hope that you guys may understand a bit that it been a little bit of a mess this one two weeks as there are a lot of thing to be done personally but since that I have a week off next week hope that I can fully utilize the time I have to do as much update as possible so that it would not be as messed up as possible once I mid semester break are over. So, without further due let began with the result & a bit of an opinion on this show.

  • The show started with Randy Orton proclaimed to be Wyatt’s master after he won over him in WrestleMania. From there, Wyatt show up from the big screen exchanging word with Orton about his rematch clause which Orton accepted. Than, Wyatt and Erick Rowen ambush Orton before Harper help Orton to create the match. My opinion about this segment is that it’s good way to continue the process of this feud since that it took WWE months to make this feud works and I could see that this feud would be over at Backlash on 21th of May.
  • After the segment there was a re-match for SmackDown Women’s Championship between Naomi and Alexa Bliss which Naomi won via submission. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind to see a re-match especially on the title shot but I find that Naomi needs to get a new opponent for the Women’s Championship besides Alexa Bliss even if she’s doing a good job with SmackDown.
  • During the show we get to see one of exciting NXT superstar which is Tye Dillinger after he accepted the open challenge given by Curt Hawkins which he won. It good to see that some of the potential wrestler like him that received a pop during his time with NXT to debut in the WWE.
  • Once again, we get to see that The Miz & Maryse mocked Cena and Bella even after they have loss their match in WrestleMania before Shinsuke Nakamura make his debut just before Miz and Maryse was about to leave the ring. I would say that finally that the King of Strong Style has finally make his debut in the WWE after a long period of time he was with NXT where he have make a lot of good match down there. Hopefully that he will he make his name with either SmackDown or Raw as he did with NXT.
  • Yet another second rematch from WrestleMania as Dean Ambrose and Baron Corbin face each other and Corbin won by pinfall as the outcome he possibly earn a title shot again in the future. Well, I wouldn’t mind if the company wanted to continue this feud but hopefully that WWE wouldn’t messed up this feud again.
  • Shane McMahon make his appearance to talked about Vince’ announcement on a Superstar Shake-Up next week and AJ Styles interrupted him to tell that he wanted to stay in that show before he left the ring. Well, in this segment I don’t see any outcome as it’s unnecessary to be done because we’ll have already know about the Shake-Up.
  • Lastly as the main event of the show, it was the battle between the current & former member of the Wyatt Family compete with each other. As the result, Orton and Harper win via pinfall. From my opinion it’s just a normal match as there are nothing special about this match since that it just the first show after Mania and hopefully that the creative team can improve this feud to be better over the upcoming weeks.

To conclude the show, I would say that it’s a good start after WrestleMania even if there are some downhill moment throughout the show as  they are recovering from the effects of WrestleMania hopefully that they can improve their show to be even better.


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