My thoughts if Alexis Sanchez Joins Chelsea F.C.

Alexis Sanchez.jpg

As we’ll may know by now that, Alexis Sanchez has 14 months left on his current deal with Arsenal F.C. and the club the Chilean deciding to leave the club. Since he has already rejected two new deals with Arsenal, it seem like Sanchez is Antonio Conte’s priority target for the Blues during the summer transfer window. With the speculation has been going on for weeks, in this article, I would like to share my though if Alexis Sanchez decides to join Chelsea F.C. during the summer transfer window.

If Sanchez really join Chelsea next season, it would be a relieve for Antonio Conte because that he needs a player like him with his capability to score goals when needed so that replace Diego Costa if he is either injured or banned for a couple of matches throughout the season. Furthermore, even though that Conte may have some difficulties on getting some right formation of Chelsea next season there I felt that there are some tactics that I felt that Conte may use for next season.

With his capability of scoring goals and since he’s consider as one of a deadliest striker in his generation, he could team up with Costa, Hazard and Pedro to form deadliest quadrant in the world. With the 4 deadliest strikers and winger in the world, I would be not surprise that they could score a lot of goals among the four players. If Conte really does know how to manage these four players, I wouldn’t be surprise to see that Chelsea would win a lot of title for a couple season like F.C. Barcelona used to be during Pep Guardiola’s time as their managers.

Well I guess that it would be only the point that I feel that if Sanchez joins Chelsea in the upcoming transfer window. So what are your thought on this rumors if Alexis Sanchez joins Chelsea F.C.? What are the affect you believe that could occur if it really happens? Do comment in the comment section below about your thought on it. Make sure do follow my blog to get my opinion about anything that are related to football and wrestling.


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