My Reasons On Why Premier League Is The Best League In The World Currently


The English Premier League, EPL, is one of the well-known league in the world and it’s often claimed as the best football league in the world. In my opinion, I would agree with the statement as it’s the best league in the world. As for in other football league, I’m trying to looked down but its just that it is not as fun as the Premier League to watch as there are only a couple of matches from other league that people are excited about. In this article, I would like to share my reasons about my statement as Premier League is the best league in the world currently.

The Competition

In Premier League, the level of competition in the league especially this season is quite intense as there are a couple of clubs that are competing with one another for either the league title or even to qualify for Europe competition such as the Champions League and Europa League next season which is quite different than some other league. With the intensity of the competition like this season, it makes us as the fans to get excited to talk about the match during match day.

The Number of Top Class Players

In comparison with all the league in the world, the number of top-class players that are playing their respective league are not as many as in the Premier League. In this season there are players like Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many more that are playing in Premier League this season. Well, I’m saying that other players that are playing in different league are not top-class player is just that there not as many as in the Premier League.

Having Some of The Top Managers in the World

This season, we get to see that there are few top managers that are joining the league or even switch clubs within the league such as Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp and many more that are coaching their clubs. With this kind of managers, it keeps us to talk about them with their performance with the clubs. Moreover, in the history of the Premier League, there are some of top class managers that have manage a Premier league club such as Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti, and many more. With the number of top managers that haven’t manage a Premier League, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that the matter of time that they will come to the Premier League

Owner’s Spending Power

Honestly, the Premier League clubs wouldn’t be as successful as it is now without their owners. The amount of Billionaire owners are increasing over the years and obviously that they are willing to spending their money on invest their clubs to be a better club like example Manchester City as the owner transform the club from an average club to be one of the top club in Europe.

Unpredictability Of The Match

Sometime our expectation on a match can be way different than we expected. Well it shows that the Premier League can be unpredictable sometime especially when a bigger club are facing with a weaker team. Once in a while, the result may show that the smaller clubs can beat the bigger club without we notice. Let take Leicester as an example, last season everyone wasn’t expecting that they will win the league as the club isn’t a big club as the previous season they were almost regulated from the league. This is one of the reason why the Premier League is the best league in the world.

These are the reason why I find that Premier League is the best league in the world currently. Do comment in the comment section below on your opinion why Premier League is the best or you find that other league is better than Premier League and will debate about it. If you enjoy reading it do subscribe to my blog to get more content on the topic I have


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