Opinion If Eden Hazard Transfer To Real Madrid

Eden Hazard.jpg

As every could already know, Eden Hazard has been strongly linked with a move to Real Madrid after he bounced back from a hugely disappointing spell with Chelsea last season. In fact, I would clearly see the reason that Real Madrid wanted Eden Hazard in their squad as he has been established himself as one of the top players in the world since his move to Chelsea. I would like to share my opinion about the speculations on this matter.

To began talking on this topic, I don’t see the picture if Chelsea F.C. decided to sell Hazard to Real Madrid even though if Real Madrid offer them big amount of money on Hazard. The matter of fact, the club in general has bounced back after having a bad season. From my opinion, I do believe that Conte isn’t that stupid to simply sell players like Hazard since that he’s the important player for Chelsea in the past few seasons. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see that Hazard wants to move to Real Madrid as he’s currently happy with Chelsea.

If Hazard is desperate to exit from Chelsea, I would say that Hazard will be in the starting eleven because I would believe that Zidane would rather choose Ronaldo, Bale & Benzema. Even though Zidane is using the squad rotation tactics I would say that Hazard wouldn’t be happy with the tactics used by Zidane even though I find that it’s a good tactics cause it help the player to be able to have a chance to play throughout the season as Hazard is that type of player that need to consistently be included in the first eleven.

Other than that I feel that it’s nothing much to talk about as I feel that this are the two main point is important in this article. So how to you feel about this rumors. Do share your thoughts and opinion on in the comment section below.


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