WWE SmackDown 11/4/2017 Result & Review

Sami Zayan.jpgWith the Superstar Shake-up came to a close, there are some superstars that has been traded to SmackDown and the creative team has a number of roster to play with for their future feud. Honestly there are few things that I would like to talk about the Superstar Shake-up but I would make an article about it once I’m done with posting this review and hopefully it can be done in the next 24 hours. As always, this would be my official result and review for SmackDown live.

  • The show started with Owens emerged in a suit with his U.S. title, announcing his arrival to SmackDown. After that, Baron Corbin stepped out to confront him & claimed he owed a championship match. As Sami Zayn’s theme hits, he received a pop from the fans as he tell everyone he’s now a part of SmackDown. AJ Styles is came out and proclaimed that SmackDown is his ‘house’. The segment came to the end as SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan announced that there would be a match to decide the No. 1 contender for the U.S. Title. My review on this segment is that is that it was a good promo as Kevin Owens was treated as the Kevin Owens that used to be in NXT as he treated the U.S. title to be quite important and on top of that there are some intense between wrestlers about their goals and perception about SmackDown.
  • Match between Randy Orton & Erick Rowan took place as Randy Orton took control most of the match before Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen to interrupt the match before Rowan attack Orton with the ring steps which end up Orton by disqualified. Honestly, I like how the creative team make story progress between Orton & Wyatt but I believe that there are a lot of loop hole that WWE can improve to make this feud to be better.
  • In the SmackDown Tag Team title match, it was a good match to watch as both stable have good chemistry during the match and there were good action but The Usos manage to retain the title before The Shining Stars ambushed American Alpha. The match would be better if The Shining Star brutally attack American Alpha to at least challenge for the tag team title.
  • Jinder Mahal has his WrestleMania 33 rematch with Mojo Rawley as he wasn’t happy that with the match been booked as Rob Gronkowski sat in the stands during this match. Well I don’t feel that this match should occur because it already happened two weeks ago and even if Mahal is still unhappy I would say that WWE should booke him to win the title next year. As for the result, Rawley won this match via pin fall.
  • Shane McMahon came out talked about opportunity and welcomed the entrie women’s division to come out to the ring. Soon after the commissioner introduced Tamina & Charlotte Flair as the new members of the brand. As this segment ends, I don’t feel comfortable with the new addition to the SmackDown women’s division in general and hopefully they can prove me wrong in the upcoming weeks.
  • With the disband of The Vaudvillans, Aiden English introduced himself in a song before Tye Dillinger enter with a quick match between the both which Dillinger won this match. I felt that this match is a bit boring to be honest and I feel that Dillinger need a better push than this.
  • Dolph Ziggler has his segment discussed about the Superstar Shake-up. As Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted his promo, he started to mock fans for getting excited about his arrival. Few moment late, Ziggler tried to attack Nakamura but Nakamura blocked it and because of that The Showoff retreated. For this segment, I don’t see the clue about this segment and it wasn’t clear the story behind it as either Nakamura want to challenge Ziggler to make his name or even Ziggler targeting Nakamura since he’s the newest member of the Blue Brand.
  • Lastly, for the main event, I totally like the match because there are a lot of action between the three wrestlers. There did provide a good match with Style wins via pinfall to become the No. 1 contender. I feel that WWE should bring this match to become a feud between the three wrestler to move forward because I personally invested my time into this feud honestly.

There is all on SmackDown review. I hope you enjoy reading up. Do leave a comment on your though about this show & do support me by subscribe to my channel to get article on my thoughs on WWE & football (soccer).


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