WWE Raw 17/4/2017 Result & Review

Braun Strowman.jpg

This would be two weeks in the row that WWE have been producing not a five star show but it was a decent show. Honestly speaking I like the show that they shown this week and there was a great way to continueing the stroyline from last week. Therefore, this would be this week Raw review and result.

  • This week’s Raw start with a smart choice by bringing out Braun Strowman following his popular segment last week. He address over his action on Roman Reign last week. As he giving a good promo, Kurt Angle came out and suspend him cause of his action.  My review on this segment is that it was short and simple on top of a great segment given by Strowman. I hope that Braun would keep this momentum like this after this week.
  • After his segment, Strowman attacked Goldust and R. Truth backstages and was approach by a referee soon after to find out what he wants. About an hour later, he walk around and attack Kalisto. Well honestly, I find this a bit off because usually if they was an attack there will at least general manager that will sort this matter off but Kurt Angle wasn’t around.
  • First match of the night is was between Chris Jericho and Samoa Joe. Even though Samoa Joe won the match but Chris Jericho receive would be the biggest pop of the night from the fan because he is currently one of the fan favourite among the roster. Soon after the match is over, Samoa Joe give an incredible promo which he proved that his mic work is improving as week passes.
  • Next match was between Enzo & Cass and Gallows & Anderson. The match was relatively a typical Raw match. I don’t really have much thing to say because even the segment Enzo gave is relatively normal where there nothing special.
  • Soon, The Miz came out and host Miz TV with Dean Ambrose. In this segment, The Miz does his best being the best heel in the company currently giving out the heat with Dean Ambrose to further enhance this feud so that this feud is interesting to watch. I would say that I willing to invest with this feud.
  • Then, there was a match with the cruiserweight division which was relatively good but unfortunately as ussual the fans doesn’t care much about the match between TJ Perking and Jack Gallagher. Therefore, I have no further comment because that it obvious that WWE has some of the best talent in this division is just that they didn’t utilize the talent they have currently.
  • At the end of the second our, there was a fata four-way match between Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss which Bliss won this match. The match was quite decent and it would be better if Jax was as dominent as last week.
  • Curt Hawkin came out and give a good promo where I would give him credit on that stating that he needed some attention from the creative team as he need some push. So to prove that he need a push, he gave and open challenge to any Raw roster to face him whci was answered by Finn Balor and Balor won the match.
  • The match before the main event is was a single match between Cesaro and Jeff Hardy. It was the first single match for Jeff Hardy after 8 years absent. As always, he did provide a good match and end of the day he won it. In this match, I have to say that there is no comment for this match because Jeff Hardy did he has to do and also I have to give credit on Sheamus on showing a good sportmanship by shaking hand to both Hardy s brother before all of them head to back stage.
  • As for the main event, I would say that it was totally wasn’t expecting it. The match started slowly since that btoh wrestler was relatively big. The biggest highlight of this match is when the ring collaped after Strowman did a suplex with Big Show on the top of the ring post. After this thing happen, they get a pop because of ring had collapse.

Therefore this would be review and result of this show. I will be posting result and review on SmackDown as soon as possible so hope you guys enjoy readin up this article.


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