Would it be worth for Manchester United to buy Antoine Griezmann?

Antoine Griezmann

Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmann has been Jose Mourinho’s primary target for the transfer window. Ever since that the rumor started, the only thing that the both party had made is that Griezmann has agreed to personal terms with United. In the article, I would like to touch a bit with this matter and give out my opinion on it.

Honestly, without doubt, I have to say that Griezmann is currently at his peak of his career as he managed to scored 81 goals in 151 appearances for Atletico Madrid. However, I believe that it wouldn’t be a good idea for Manchester United to buy Antoine Griezmann because of few reason and I believe that Atletico Madrid isn’t that stupid enough to sell a player like him as the club treats him like a very important person.

Jose Mourinho

From my point of view, the main reason I believe that it isn’t a good idea for Jose Mourinho to buy Griezmann is because of the situation that occured with Paul Pogba. Even though Pogba has improved on his playing style as he had already adapted to the Premier League but I believe is that there is still a lot of things that Mourinho need to solve. Even if Mourinho decided to bring him in, it would out more problem into the equation that Mourinho needed to solve on top of the current situation that has happen withing the club itself.

It’s understandable that Mourinho has a point of buying Griezmann as Ibrahimovic is currently out of action till January and Wanye Rooney is getting out of shape with is playing capability while Marcus Rashford is currently establish himself as one of Europes prospect but I believed that Griezmann is happy with his situation with Atletico.

On top of that, if Griezmann joined Manchester United, I feel that he wouldn’t be happy with the club as he need to play in the Champions League. Even though that Man Utd is trying their best to win the Europa League to ensure a automatic qualification to the Champions League but I feel that Griezmann wouldn’t be happy with achievement he has with Man Utd as much as he did with Madrid.

I would say this would be my points on he reason that it wouldn’t a great choice for Man Utd. What are you comment about this transfer rumor? Do comment in the comment section below


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