General Update #1


General Update

Hye guys! If you guys may had noticed that I had posted up an article out of the blue after a month being missing. Well in this article, I would like to answer you guys on the question ‘What really happen to you?’ since that I have been missing for over a month and suddenly coming out with a new article. Hope you guys would really understand that with my explanation and also try to keep this article as short as possible.

Over the past one and half month (I would say), I had been busy with a lot of matters personally and one of the many matters that I have to consider important is that my schedule were packed with university’s assignment as each of due date was relatively back-to-back and to make things worse I had only started to begin my assignment towards the due date since that most of my course mate only started to do their part towards the due date as well. Besides that, I’m also currently sitting for my exams as I had only left with one more paper.

Furthermore, another big reason that I have been away from doing blog is because I have started with a small business that I’m currently doing with few of my friends on clothing line. Well as for now, my business was relatively slow as there are not many people who are willing to buy the clothes as I believe it would because of few reason such as it is relatively new and also I may not be specified on my business or if not it may because of some other reason. In this matter hopefully that you guy are living within Malaysia please do support my buy purchasing any of my t shirt by direct massaging me in our Instagram page or even in our Facebook page to place your order and also make sure that do follow my business page in both Instagram and Facebook.

Besides that, I would say that I also have been busy with personal and social life in general as I been meeting up with some of my friends or if not maybe settling down with some of my personal stuff that needed to be done immediately. I have to say that because of these activity that have been filling up my schedule I literally have zero time on updating my blog. I hope that after tomorrow I will updating as frequent as possible like I always do so that you guys may enjoy reading my blog. That is all I have to say in my article and as mention earlier hope guys would really understand my current situation as the things that I have to do are slowly settling down.



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