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General Update #2: Reasons I Haven’t Been Actively Blogging & Future State of This Blog

General Update

Considering having the categories that I had which talks about football, wrestling and personal stories about myself, it has been about a month that I haven’t not active on blogging and I could be numerous topic that I could talk about. Frankly, even though the last time that I haven’t update my blog but it has been more than a month that I had not put an effort on blogging. I would say that it would be cause by the availability of time I had are limited and its only a small factor as I wasn’t actively blogging lately. Since that I had the time to do this article, I would like to take the opportunity to tell to whole situation that I had been going through lately and a future state of my blog.

One of reasons that I wasn’t able to be actively blogging is because the commitment that I had on blogging isn’t strong enough. Since I being a blogger it’s a bit challenging as I have a bit of a trouble balancing my time with studying, social life, handling business, blogging and other hobbies as well. At times, I really genuinely wanted to publish a couple of article but somehow either one of four other variable stated has caused me not to do so. Honestly, speaking of limited time available, hopefully there would be more time available for me to focus on blogging once I had settled with issues that I’m currently facing with my business as it has been holding me back since I had started it.

Another reason that I haven’t been actively blogging is because I felt a bit demotivated by publishing articles in my blog. One of the two reason that I felt this way is because it has something to do with me. Being a newbie in doing blog, one of the secret of being successful blogger is by spreading the word a lot since that it’s easier now that all blog can be shared through social media. Another reasons that I felt demotivated is because I wouldn’t take risk on coming out content that could be similar to other people’s work. I tend to have this mentality where I’m worried that people may say that I’m stealing their idea as I believe it could be a norm on having a similar topic that are heavily talked at the moment. Furthermore, at certain time, when I felt a bit demotivated because the way that feedback that was given has somehow affected me badly. Honestly, is not to say that I personally couldn’t receive comments or feedback but is just the way you guys giving me feedback makes me feel regraded publishing certain articles in my blog even though you would really wanted me to be a better blogger in general.

Honestly, I think that could be the reason that I have been inactively blogging lately and literally felt much better after spilling out the thoughts that I had keeping with myself about it. As for now, I would like to touch a bit on the future of this blog. Since I’m had limited time available, I’m considering of adding a new sub-category for both ‘Football’ and ‘WWE’ category which is easy for me to publish so that it would be beneficial for a lot of people to enjoy reading the new sub-category that I will be adding in the near future. If there is any further notice regarding on my blog, I would be informing you guys in the next update. If you guys may have any ideas, don’t be shy to comment below or personally contact me through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on topics that I should talk about.


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