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Honest Opinion About Neymar’s Moved To Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar Jr.

As many people may know that Paris Saint-Germain F.C. has had signed Neymar Jr. for €222 million (£200 million) from F.C. Barcelona which makes him the most expensive football player. Furthermore, with the current information provided in internet that Neymar will earn 45 million euros (£40.7 million) a year – 865,000 euros (£782,000) a week – before tax from the initial five-year deal. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t shocking with the figures given by the club on signing him cause the club has a strong spending power due to their rich owner and I wouldn’t like to touch on it in this blog. The aim of this blog will be focusing on my honest opinion about on decision and giving my opinion whether Neymar had made the right decision.

To kick start with this blog, the main reason that Neymar have decided to leave Barcelona is because he wants to stepped out from Messi’s shadow. Honestly speaking, I would say that the statement that been made is ridiculous because I would say he is played very well even though he may not scored as much goal as Messi and Suarez since his move to Barcelona in 2013. I can understand from a point of view that Neymar has decided to make this decision as he could want to make an impact, or by improving his playing skills and so on but overall I’m strongly believe that money would be the major factor that causes him to made this decision since that wages that PSG offered is quite tempting.

Speaking about the outcome that Neymar had made on moving to PSG, I personally felt there are good side and the bad side from this situation. The one thing that Neymar had made the right decision is by stepping out from Messi’s shadow because I felt that he deserve more recognition than that even though he played well with Barca and the team shouldn’t have develop his skills more due of the quality of playing that Neymar has. Meanwhile the bad side of it, I felt that Neymar may not be able to win the Champions League in the near future with PSG. Honestly, it’s not to say that the club isn’t a bad team but I personally felt that the quality to become a Champions League winner and they needed another few years to improve the club. By saying so, I felt that Neymar had made a wrong decision even though he is trying to made a decision to make his career better by stepping out from his comfort zone.

I would say that is all I shall say about the overall situation since that Neymar had completed signed with Paris Saint-Germain and hopefully that Neymar would be worth the amount that the club had payed for. Furthermore, we shall see how will Neymar perform for the upcoming season in Ligue 1. What do you think about the Neymar’s transfer to PSG? Would he managed to step out from Messi’s Shandow? Do leave your comment below about your opinion.


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