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2017/18 Premier League


Finally, the 2017/18 Premier League has already started as Arsenal and Leicester had played the first game of the season in the result shown that Arsenal had won this match 4 – 3. To provide a quick overview for this season, Chelsea F.C. would be the defending champion this season whereas Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town are the promoted teams as they had successful run during the 2016–17 EFL Championship. In this blog post, I would like to give out my opinion about a couple of topic regarding this Premier League season as this season will be an interesting season.

To start up with this article, the initial thought that I would provide would be the league will be difficult for Chelsea since clubs like Everton FC and both Manchester clubs have been busy throughout the summer transfer strengthen their squad for this season. Honestly speaking, I’m strongly agree with Antonio Conte that it would be a difficult season ahead since most of his planned during the summer transfer didn’t goes as expected. Even though that Conte’s plans didn’t goes as planned but I could say that he would overcome the problem that he may face throughout the season. During the transfer window, I was shocked to see that Everton have been busy buying a couple of players and apparently it was mainly because of Farhad Moshiri who is the clubs new majority shareholder.

To gave out my prediction for this season’s champion, the club that has the highest chance of winning the league title will would be Manchester City because even though Guardiola didn’t fully strengthen the squad but I felt that he could bounce back from a bad run last season. Other possible winner as for now will be either Chelsea F.C. and Manchester United since that both squad has a great squad entering into this season. In terms of top scorer, same like season, the possible top scorer will would be either Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Aguero since these three players has been scoring more than 15 goals in the past few seasons. In this season, the team to watch will be Liverpool and Manchester United and the player to watch will be Romelu Lukaku since he was transfered to United during the summer transfer window. The possible club that would be regulated by end of this season will be Leicester City, Watford City and Burnley.

That is all I would say about the review for this Premier League season. I hope that this season would be more interesting to watch since the league’s big club has strengthen their squad for this season and I believe it would be more competitive than last season. What do you guys have to say about this season? Do comment below on the expectation and opinion that you have for choice I have made.


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