This site offered topics on wrestling, football and as well as sharing my personal stories that I’m comfortable the most. For both football and wrestling, there are several common between the two category where I provide my personal opinion as well as top list on certain topic that I had come across. In addition, another common thing about the two category is that this blog site offers on prediction on important events that will happen such as important matches like derbies or any competition finals for football while giving out prediction for any pay-per-view event for wrestling.

In term of wrestling as an individual category, this blog site offers results and review for both Raw and SmackDown. On top of that, I would publish an official result and review on pay-per-view event for wrestling. Whereas for football, I would publish a season review for each of the top 4 league in the world and the number league that will be included will be grow overtime. Lastly, as for ‘Jaffri’s Section’, as mention I would be sharing up my personal stories that I felt comfortable sharing since I’m actually a shy person in real life. By sharing it through blog, it makes me feel comfortable and build up my confident about myself.