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General Update #2: Reasons I Haven’t Been Actively Blogging & Future State of This Blog

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Considering having the categories that I had which talks about football, wrestling and personal stories about myself, it has been about a month that I haven’t not active on blogging and I could be numerous topic that I could talk about. Frankly, even though the last time that I haven’t update my blog but it has been more than a month that I had not put an effort on blogging. I would say that it would be cause by the availability of time I had are limited and its only a small factor as I wasn’t actively blogging lately. Since that I had the time to do this article, I would like to take the opportunity to tell to whole situation that I had been going through lately and a future state of my blog.

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General Update #1

General Update

Hye guys! If you guys may had noticed that I had posted up an article out of the blue after a month being missing. Well in this article, I would like to answer you guys on the question ‘What really happen to you?’ since that I have been missing for over a month and suddenly coming out with a new article. Hope you guys would really understand that with my explanation and also try to keep this article as short as possible.

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My Struggle On Concentrate Studying

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To begin with this article, it would be the first article that will be posted for this category. In summary, to explain about this category, the articles that will be post in this category are based on my personal story that I feel comfortable telling off through articles so that people get to know me better and every month, there would be an article that I will be posting related to this category from preventing myself running out of ideas. Without wasting any time, I would like to begin with sharing one of my many personal stories that I felt comfortable sharing in this article.

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Being Blogging Back


It been a while that I have been away from doing anything related to my blog. Honestly speaking, I did post a status in my blog’s Facebook page that I will away from doing blog because I had an issue with my previous blog site as it was literally messed up in general. Therefore, the main purpose of this article is to explain the whole situation that I was going through and to tell the expectation that you guys may need to know about my blog from now on since that I took some time out to think over about my new site. In this article, I would say that there will be a lot of words throughout this article as I will be doing explanation as I stated just now but I hope that you guys can understand it as I doing it for the benefits of all of us. Even before you guys begin with this blog, I would like to thanked every one of you to for being patient with the time that I was away and also showing your support by reading up articles from either my old or new blog site as I’m really appreciate it.

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