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Will Be Transferring to Victoria University for Further my Studies


Finally, it has been more than a month since I’m away from blogging as I was busy handling with assignments, attended classes, as well as handling both social and personal life just to name a few. Obviously I’m excited to be back blogging as there are a lot of things and decision making that had being made over the past one month plus and the title of this blog one of the decision that have been made after two-and-a-half years studying in one of their campuses in Malaysia I decided to head over to their main campus in Melbourne. All my friends and family were congratulate me in regards with this good news, but however, not many people knew about the whole story before making the decision is made. Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to share the story prior making this decision as well as my reaction and thought about being transfer over to Melbourne.

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Attended SEA Games 2017 football match


On the 16th of August 2017, it was considered as one of the memorable nights that I will never forget as the topic stated that I attended a football match between Malaysia and Singapore at the Shah Alam Stadium. This match was the second match for both nations as they compete with not only each other but as well as two other nations to qualified to the knock-out stage. During that night, there was estimated about 20 thousand supporters that attended that match where majority of them are Malaysians to support our under-22 national team since SEA Games 2017 were happened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In this blog post, I would like to share my experience throughout this match as I was excited to publish this memorable event.

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Trying My Hands With Phone Photography

Phone Photography

Hye guys, it would be my second personal story over the past few days since I’m having my mid-semester break from university. My ultimate goal from this upcoming week is to utilize the time I had to make as much blog post as possible so that there would be contents for some of you guys to read. Honestly speaking, there was a particular mistake that I had made from last blog post that I published couple of days ago where I wrote it excessive it just occurred recently but actually my business had actually closed down more than a month already (as per this blog post published). However this blog post isn’t all about the mistake I made from my last post but it’s something to do happened since my business had close down.

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It’s All Over!

J Tee's Original Logo

It’s would be the second time for me on publishing an article regarding to ‘My Personal Story’ category as there are couple of personal reasons that cause me to seldom publish any articles for this category. For today’s topic, I would like to touch on a topic that I published an article couple of months ago in where I opened up an independent t-shirt business as a way for me to get a quick side-income. Since that article, the business started well like expected but as time passed it turns out otherwise. Therefore, in this article, I would like to talk about the journey and the experiences while the business were operating.

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My Struggle On Concentrate Studying

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To begin with this article, it would be the first article that will be posted for this category. In summary, to explain about this category, the articles that will be post in this category are based on my personal story that I feel comfortable telling off through articles so that people get to know me better and every month, there would be an article that I will be posting related to this category from preventing myself running out of ideas. Without wasting any time, I would like to begin with sharing one of my many personal stories that I felt comfortable sharing in this article.

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