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Addressing on WWE’s Superstar Shake-up

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With WWE’s shows are over, I assuming that the Superstar Shake-Up is over already as both commissioner & general managers of Raw and SmackDown has already agreed about the decision make about the future of their wrestlers to make the show better. Honestly, when Vince McMahon announced that this would happen this week, I though that there will be a draft like they had during the brand extension but unfortunately there wasn’t any thing like that. I guessing that there are more toward that both commissioner & general managers had their meeting back stage on the wrestlers that need to be move from one show to another. In this article, I would like to give my opinion about the Superstar Shake-up that took place this week during Raw & SmackDown.

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Kurt Again Being The New General Manager of Raw

As Monday Night Raw happened, Vince McMahon returned to television to bring word that with Mick Foley was fired and Commission Stepahnie McMahon out of action due to going through a table at WrestleMania 33 on Sunday. During his segment in Raw, he announced that Kurt Angle will be the new General Manager of the show. For today’s topic, I would like to share my first though on Kurt Angle being the General Manager of Raw.

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The Reason I hate Watching Wrestling Currently

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In my previous article, I did post an article on good things about wrestling that I still watch wrestling. As we’ll know that everything has the good and bad things, for this article I would like to share my opinion on the reason that I hate about wrestling especially lately. In this article, I would like to tell off thing that I may be bias toward one brand or another instead toward both Raw or SmackDown in general and the reasons are based on recent memory about the wrestling. In addition, there are many reasons that I can list out but in this article, I listed some of the things that I really hate about the current product. Hope you guys may understand with it as I’m still trying my best to improve my blog’s article even if I re-design my blog.

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Reason Why I Likes Wrestling

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To begin off with this article, this article is inspired from some of my friends that asked me the reason that I’m still watching wrestling. As many of you guys may know that when a person talks about wrestling, there are few wrestlers that have come across our mind like Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and many more wrestler that came across their mind. Many of my friends would say that wrestling is fake, boring and any other word to describe it but yet I’m not the only one that watch wrestling since that there are millions of people around the world like me still loving and even have time to watch it even if they are going through hard time. In this article, I would be focusing the reason that I’m currently still watching wrestling.

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